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Recipe: 5-Minute Breakfast Fruit ‘Pizza’

Why not jazz up your morning breakfast routine with some fruit pizza? Use a whole-grain English muffin for fiber and to help you feel full with toppings of fruit and fat-free cream cheese for delicious flavor and plenty of vitamin C.

5 Heart-Healthy Grilling Options for Your Next Cookout

Most meat lovers already know the ugly truth: Eating red meat can increase your risk of heart disease. Study after study shows the link. But what’s a cookout without burgers and brats? Turns out it can still be a blazing success.  Dietitian Kate Patton and intern Sara Saliba within Cleveland Clinic’s Section of Preventive Cardiology … Read More

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Is Juicing Healthy for You?

Sometimes it’s not easy getting the recommended five to six servings of fruits and vegetables we need. So, you may have to get a little resourceful from time to time. Registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD, says juicing is a good way to get a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. “One of … Read More