If You Have Lupus, Consult Doctor Before Pregnancy (Video)

If you have lupus and are thinking about having a baby, be sure to talk with your physician before you get pregnant. Talking with your doctor can help coordinate your care among your lupus specialist, or rheumatologist, and your obstetrician. The OB ideally should be someone with a background in high-risk pregnancies. In this video, rheumatologist Howard R. Smith, MD, … Read More

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What You Should Know About Pregnancy After Age 35 (Video)

If you are 35 or older and concerned about risks associated with pregnancy, experts say there are various factors to consider besides your age. Although many studies report increased risks in pregnancies in women over the age 35, Dr. Perni says, there’s nothing magic about the number 35, says obstetrician/gynecologist Uma Perni, MD. “Some risks do … Read More