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Person lifting up their sweater, showing ostomy bag in mirror's reflection
December 5, 2023/Digestive

Adjusting to Life With an Ostomy Bag: What To Expect

It can be hard to get used to the bags, but the freedom they provide is worth the challenge

Tuna patty on grey plate with lemon wedge and dipping sauce in background.
November 8, 2023/Recipes

Recipe: Lighter Tuna Patties

Good for a light lunch and for your belly

Patient with lower back pain in doctor's office.

Does Ankylosing Spondylitis Cause GI Problems?

Doctors aren’t sure why, but the conditions are connected

eyes are a window to health
July 5, 2020/Eye Care

Your Eyes: A Window to Your Health

Your eyes can reveal many clues about underlying health issues


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Woman in bathroom during work hours
September 24, 2019/Digestive

How to Cope With Your IBD at Work

Plan for surprises, talk to your employer

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