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Tag: Mexican recipes

Taco salad with rice in a bowl and tortilla chips on the table
July 18, 2024/Recipes

Recipe: Hearty Taco Salad With Rice

A satisfying one-dish meal

Mexican turkey meatloaf, sliced, with hot red peppers around loaf
April 9, 2024/Recipes

Recipe: Easy, Spicy Mexican Turkey Loaf

Taking it from traditional to turkey!

Mexican-style street food fish tacos
March 22, 2024/Recipes

20 Healthy Mexican Recipes

From Taco Tuesday to Salsa Sunday (yes, we made that up), these nutritious Mexican-inspired dishes are sure to please

Recipe: Black Bean Hummus
May 24, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Black Bean Hummus

A Mexican take on a classic recipe


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Recipe: Swiss Chard Chicken Tacos
May 20, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Swiss Chard Chicken Tacos

Don't wait for Taco Tuesday to give these a try ...

recipe 8 layer taco salad
April 6, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: 8-Layer Taco Salad

Dip into this flavorful and healthy party recipe

southwestern steak soup with yams tomatoes corn
November 24, 2020/Recipes

Recipe: Southwestern Sirloin Soup

Full of Mexican-inspired flavors

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