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20 Healthy Mexican Recipes

From Taco Tuesday to Salsa Sunday (yes, we made that up), these nutritious Mexican-inspired dishes are sure to please

Mexican-style street food fish tacos

Some flavors just can’t be beat, and when it comes to recipes the whole family will love, it’s hard to go wrong with Mexican-inspired dishes. There’s the creaminess of a ripe avocado. The kick of a hint of jalapeno. The undeniable allure of cumin and chili powder.


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Makes your mouth water just thinking about it.

Always delicious, but Mexican dishes aren’t always nutritious. So, opt out of the fried tortillas and go light on the fat and salt with these healthy Mexican recipes. If your taste buds are craving the flavors of Latin America, we’ve got you covered, from healthy appetizers and sides to soups and entrees.

Healthy, yummy Mexican appetizers and sides

Looking for a crowd-pleasing appetizer or side dish? Try these shareable-worthy recipes, perfect for your next fiesta. Or prep them ahead and keep them on hand at home for a healthy, easy snack.

Keeping it classic

A bowl of salsa with tortilla chips ready to dip

Nothing screams delicious Mexican flavors like a tried-and-true salsa. This tomatillo salsa verde is made with fresh veggies and has a slightly smoky taste that no one can resist. And it’s just 45 calories per serving.

A fresh start

A small bowl of corn salad with red peppers and shallots on a plate, surrounded by tortilla chips

With just four ingredients, this Mexican-inspired corn salad is a simple and tasty way to start your meal. It’s an easy crowd-pleaser that’s big on flavor and low in fat. Just mix, let set and enjoy.

Spicy meets sweet

Closeup of blueberry jalapeno salsa in wooden spoon suspended over tortilla chips.

If you’ve never thought to add blueberries to your salsa, you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on. This sweet-spicy blueberry jalapeno salsa pairs well with grilled chicken or fish and is loaded with good-for-you phenolics.


Layers of flavors

A bowl of eight-layer Mexican bean dip on a wooden table with chips in background.

Layered bean dip is one of those party-pleasing dishes that no one can resist. Make yours stand out with eight layers of low-fat and low-sodium yum. It’s easy to make and big on flavor — a party in your mouth!

A yummy, healthy swap

Mexican Asparagus dip

If you’re looking for a lower-calorie take on guacamole, this is it. This Mexican asparagus dip swaps out avocados in favor of asparagus. That means fewer calories, plenty of gut-healthy prebiotics, a hearty dose of vitamin K and lots of B vitamins. Pair it with your favorite dipping veggies to up the nutritional ante.

Cholesterol fighter

Mexican black bean avocado salad

This hearty Mexican avocado and black bean salad is as colorful as it is nutritious. The soluble fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids help fight cholesterol, which ultimately can lower your risk of heart disease. Bonus: It’s super simple to make. Just chop, dice, mix and serve.

Great grains

Whole-Grain Mexican Pilaf

While chips and salsa may be a Mexican night staple, some meals call for something a little more substantial. Enjoy the taste of salsa but with more fiber and protein to keep you fuller longer with this whole-grain Mexican pilaf. A perfect pair for any Mexican meal.

Soups with a taste of Mexico

On a cold day, nothing quite hits the spot like a hot and hearty soup. And when your bowl is filled with the scents and tastes of Mexican spices, it’s basically a vacation in a bowl.

Soup’s up

A cup of the traditional Mexican soup pozole with chicken, avocado slices and radishes

This recipe, reminiscent of a traditional Mexican soup, is packed with protein and B vitamins and topped with heart-healthy avocado and lime. It’s a filling meal that will transport you to sunny Mexico. Make it in the slow cooker to give your stove a break, too!


Crank up the heat

Mexican chicken lime soup avocados radishes cilantro

Your standard chicken noodle soup just not doing it these days? Time to turn up the flavor. This Mexican chicken and lime soup is bold, zesty and ready in just 25 minutes.

No-fuss flavor

Chicken tortilla soup

Looking for big flavor without the work? You’ve come to the right place. This slow-cooker chicken tortilla soup is filling and bursting with flavor. And better still — so easy to make. Gather your ingredients, and let your slow cooker fill your house with the aroma of Mexican spices. All you have to do is fill your belly with lean protein and fiber.

Mexican mains

Shake up your typical Taco Tuesday with delectable eats for any day of the week. From vegetarian-friendly to fish to meat, your whole family will be looking forward to Mexican night every night.

Perfection in a bowl

Beef taco salad with avocado

Savor the taste of Mexico and get your fill of leafy greens at the same time with this taco salad featuring beef and avocado. Made with grass-fed ground beef, a savory blend of spices and plenty of fresh veggies, it’s sure to be on heavy rotation for a yummy lunch or dinner.

Tacos with a twist

Recipe pork tenderloins with tomatillo sauce

One of the best things about tacos is just how versatile they are. Take a new twist on your tacos by loading them up with seasoned pork tenderloin, tomatillos and the cool crunch of cabbage. They’re high in protein and packed with B vitamins.

Quick fix

fish tacos

Looking for a satisfying, healthy meal but short on time? Look no further than these 5-minute fish tacos. Choose your favorite firm white fish fillets, add seasoning, build your tacos and ... done! A quick and low-fat meal you’ll love.


A new take on a classic dinner

A turkey loaf made with onions, carrots and celery

The classic meatloaf gets a reboot. Seasoned with cumin, green chilies and chili powder, this Mexican turkey meatloaf has plenty of spice and less fat than the ground beef variety. And the additions of salsa and sour cream kick up the flavor for a delicious dinner.

Get grilling

Salmon with mango salsa

Give your grill a break from the ol’ burgers-and-dogs routine. This recipe for salmon with mango salsa is perfect for outdoor cooking and grills up in just a few minutes. Salmon, with its essential fatty acid omega-3s, is a great choice for heart health. And paired with the zippiness of mango salsa, it’s sure to be a summer sensation.

Crunch on

Fish tostada on a yellow plate piled with tomatoes, avocados and a lime

With nutrients and flavor galore, you’re going to love these spicy fish tostadas. Made with protein-rich tilapia, gorgeous green avocado and kickin’ red salsa — plus the satisfying crunch of corn tortillas — it’s *chef’s kiss* perfection.

Comforting nourishment

chili verde chicken recipe

Ditch the jarred sauce and DIY it with this recipe for chile verde chicken. This warm and spicy dish is not just tasty but also filled with healthy phytochemicals and antioxidants. And if you think making your own sauce is too tough, think again — it cooks up in fewer than 10 minutes. Leftovers can be refrigerated for up to three days. So make it ahead of time and enjoy later.

Feel-good dinner

chicken corn tamale

Give comfort food some flair with this chipotle chicken and corn tamale pie. This heart-healthy Mexican-inspired pot pie features chipotle chiles and chili seasoning. It’s a feel-good meal that satisfies.

No meat, no problem

recipe cauliflower tacos with tomatoes and peppers

If variety is the spice of life, then consider your taco night enlivened with these roasted cauliflower tacos. Veggie lovers will relish the mix of cauliflower, peppers and tomatoes. And hearty pinto beans and satisfying toppings are sure to bring smiles to the table.

A breakfast with style

Recipe: Huevos racheros breakfast burritos

Whether you’re looking for a savory breakfast to start your day, or a Mexican-style breakfast for dinner, this huevos rancheros breakfast burrito will delight. Eggs and beans pack a powerful protein punch, while whole-wheat tortillas and fat-free sour cream keep it low-fat.


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