Recipe: Black Bean Hummus

Sure, hummus is traditionally made from chickpeas. But versions using beans are just as sure to please! Try our dietitians’ Black Bean Hummus, which is bursting with Mexican flavors thanks to cilantro and cumin.

Recipe: Black Bean Hummus

Recipe: Swiss Chard Chicken Tacos

Are tacos always a hit in your house? Try taking a favorite and making them just a bit healthier! Our dietitian’s version substitutes Swiss chard leaves for the traditional taco shells — and offers an unexpected (but delicious!) taste twist thanks to the Indian spice garam masala.

Recipe: Swiss Chard Chicken Tacos

Healthy Mexican Recipes

If you’re looking for healthy Mexican recipes, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorites for you and your family to enjoy.

Mexican 8-Layer Dip

Recipe: 8-Layer Taco Salad

This healthy Mexican dip is a healthy and filling option for parties that will keep you satisfied and steering clear of those fatty, calorie-filled alternatives.

recipe 8 layer taco salad
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Recipe: Southwestern Sirloin Soup

This soup is a real family pleaser. It’s easy to make and full of Mexican-inspired flavor. You can also substitute chicken or black beans for the beef to your taste.

southwestern steak soup with yams tomatoes corn