What To Eat To Lower Your Risk of Colon Cancer

Many types of cancer aren’t preventable. But when it comes to colon cancer, your lifestyle and habits can play a huge role in helping lower your risk. A colorectal surgeon weighs in on what to eat (and what to avoid) to maintain colon health and decrease your risk.

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Should I Avoid Shelf-Stable or Packaged Foods?

Most food is “processed” in one way or another. Fresh is best, but there are plenty of convenient, inexpensive and healthy shelf-stable and packaged foods out there. We talked to a registered dietitian about the best options to round out a healthy diet.

Canned foods.

Are Smoked Meats Bad for Your Health?

Back away from the brisket! There are some serious health concerns you should know about before planning your next cookout. A registered dietitian explains how smoked meats might raise your risk for some types of cancer.

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