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female with fingers pressing on bridge of nose in distress

Got a Sinus Infection That Won’t Quit? When To Worry

Give it seven to 10 days, but if your symptoms linger or get worse, it’s time to see a healthcare provider

person getting a sinus massage between brows

5 Sinus Massage Techniques To Relieve Pressure and Promote Drainage

A gentle touch in all the right places may help drain your sinuses

woman using nuti pot

Neti Pots Explained: How the Device Helps Clear Your Nasal Passages

Using a saline solution, they help relieve sinus pressure and remove excessive mucus

Woman outside walking in windy winter weather

Can Weather Changes Make You Sick?

An expert explains how seasonal weather changes affect our health


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woman sneezing wiping nose

How Good Bacteria in Your Nose Fights Infections

Reduce unnecessary antibiotics to help your immune system

Man sneezing into arm
April 13, 2020/Lung

Trying to Hold That Sneeze In? Better Not if You Know What’s Good for You

Let your body to do what it was meant to do

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