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Tag: spicy foods

Person sitting on bed applying antiperspirant
April 1, 2024/Nutrition

How 7 Different Foods Affect Your Body Odor

Beyond the usual offenders like garlic and onions, foods like red meat, fish and spices can cause a stink effect as well

Person eating spicy food and getting indigestion.
March 13, 2023/Nutrition

The Health Risks of Eating Extremely Spicy Foods

While they don’t cause ulcers, super spicy foods can land you in the emergency room

A spoon full of cayenne pepper surrounded by peppers.
November 30, 2021/Nutrition

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

5 good reasons to spice up your life

spicey chili with a glass of milk
October 28, 2021/Primary Care

Can Milk Relieve the Pain from Spicy Food?

Why water doesn’t work and what to do instead


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spicey peppers on chopping block
August 2, 2021/Weight Loss

Is Spicy Food Good for You?

The health benefits of fiery foods

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