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Planning their exercised program and inputing it in their smartphone calendar.
November 19, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

How To Follow the FITT Principle for Fitness Success

Meet your workout goals by accounting for frequency, intensity, time and type

someone putting kinesiology tape on another's knee
September 4, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

Can Kinesiology Tape Help Your Athletic Performance?

Elastic therapeutic tape can provide extra support, but it can’t improve your stats

Person suffering from knee pain, holding their knee after running or walking outside.
July 20, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

Tendinitis or Tendinosis? Why the Difference Is Important and What Treatments Help

Tendinitis is caused by inflammation, while tendinosis is the result of degeneration

Person inhaling smelling salts from packet.
June 26, 2023/Exercise & Fitness

What Smelling Salts Do to Your Body

Unproven and unregulated, they aren’t the best choice to boost performance


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A person showing the proper way to do a leg lift.
July 10, 2022/Exercise & Fitness

How To Do Leg Lifts Properly: A Step-by-Step Guide

6 core-strengthening leg lift exercises to round out your ab work

woman demonstrating a pririformis syndrome stretch
June 30, 2022/Diet, Food & Fitness

7 Best Stretches and Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome

Try these moves to relieve butt pain and numbness

A person lying on a mat and wearing a knee brace
March 16, 2021/Exercise & Fitness

Athletes: What to Do When You Get Hurt

Sports medicine physicians can get you back on track

man putting on leg brace
March 3, 2021/Exercise & Fitness

How to Clean Your Medical or Sports Brace — and Why It Matters

Athletic trainer answers your brace-cleaning questions

woman hurt while lifting weights
October 8, 2020/Exercise & Fitness

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Good Pain’ and When Should You Listen to Your Body?

Know when it's time to seek help with your injury or technique

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