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Person stretching neck at work desk in front of monitor
April 5, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

8 Posture Exercises To Sit and Stand Straighter

Simple exercises like wall angels and pelvic tilts can help keep your body in an optimal position — and help undo years of improper posture habits

2 people doing wall squats after run.
April 5, 2023/Orthopaedics

5 Best Exercises for Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral Pain)

Wall squats and calf stretches are among the exercises that can help ease knee pain

Person holding wrist at computer desk.
December 16, 2022/Wellness

3 Stretches To Prevent or Relieve Carpal Tunnel

These movements can help with pain, numbness and tingling in your hands and fingers

woman demonstrating a pririformis syndrome stretch

7 Best Stretches and Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome

Try these moves to relieve butt pain and numbness


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An illustration of a woman lying on her stomach with her arms and legs outstretched
May 10, 2021/Orthopaedics

Got Back Pain? How the Superman Exercise Can Help

A good stretch you don't have to be a superhero to master

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