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Don’t Let Arthritis Stop You From Enjoying Sex

Tags: arthritis, chronic pain, fatigue, pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sex, sexual health, Sjögren’s syndrome

Find out how to overcome the sexual hurdles arthritis places in your way. The benefits are worth the extra effort.

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Joint Replacements: An Answer to Aging Joints

Tags: arthritis, joint pain, joint replacement, joints

It's an exciting time to be a baby boomer. Arthritic joints no longer mean you have to stop being active. Today’s artificial joints are meeting and exceeding people’s expectations for a full return to regular activities.

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Need Pain Relief? Consider Radiofrequency Ablation

Tags: arthritis, back pain, chronic pain, neck pain, radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

If you suffer from chronic neck and back pain, or chronic lower back pain, there is a minimally invasive option that may reduce or eliminate your pain for months at a time called Radiofrequency ablation (RFA).

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Expert Q&A: Managing Chronic Pain

Tags: arthritis, chronic pain, pain management

For many people, chronic pain — most commonly back pain, headaches and pain from arthritis — can make routine activities very challenging. Read this Q&A with a panel of pain experts to find better ways to cope.

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4 Times to See a Doctor for Arthritis Pain

Tags: arthritis, GERD, lupus, pain, pain management, rheumatoid arthritis

At-home treatment can help — but sometimes it's just not enough. Find out when to seek help from your primary care doctor or rheumatologist.

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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Arthritis Myths

Tags: arthritis, myths, osteoarthritis, quiz, rheumatoid arthritis

From the causes of joint pain to home remedies, how much do you know about common arthritis myths and misconceptions? Find out here.

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6 Lifestyle Hacks for Arthritis (Slideshow)

Tags: arthritis, exercise, osteoarthritis, prevention

How you move, how you relieve symptoms, even what car you buy — all of these can affect your arthritis. A few simple changes can help you better manage and prevent symptoms.

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Getting Aggressive Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

Tags: arthritis, drugs, medications, rheumatoid arthritis

In some cases, doctors can stop — and even reverse — the damage of rheumatoid arthritis with a combination of medications.

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‘Arthritis-Friendly’ Car Buying Guide

Tags: arthritic conditions, arthritic joints, arthritis, drive, rheumatoid arthritis

For many people, driving equals independence. New options, including buttons instead of knobs, seat belt extenders and basic hand controls, can help keep people with arthritis on the road.

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5 Millimeters Closer to Knee Pain Relief

Tags: arthritis, arthroscopic knee surgery, chronic knee pain, knee injury, knee pain, meniscus

It takes incisions smaller than a dime to achieve knee pain relief with arthroscopic knee surgery. Find out how this outpatient procedure reduces pain and gets patients back to daily life quickly.