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How to Discuss a Terminal Brain Tumor Diagnosis During the Holidays

How to Discuss a Terminal Brain Tumor Diagnosis During the Holidays

Tags: brain health, cancer, cancer diagnosis, diagnosis, holiday season, holidays

If someone you love is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor at the holidays, you can discuss it with them, but only if they are open to the conversation. Here are some tips to help you get a sense of what to say.

Daughter with Sick Mother

Cancer Patients: How You Can Find Emotional Support

Tags: cancer, cancer diagnosis, cancer survivors, cancer treatment, cancer treatments, support

After a cancer diagnosis, there often is a focus on the physical aspects of treatment without enough attention for the emotional and mental aspects. Here are some ways to address these needs.

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Acute Leukemia: Woman Beats Cancer 2 Times

Tags: acute myelogenous leukemia AML, cancer, cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, leukemia

A woman’s remarkable story in battling cancer twice illustrates the two ways we treat acute leukemia.

Lynch Syndrome and the Genetics of Colon Cancer

Lynch Syndrome and the Genetics of Colon Cancer

Tags: cancer diagnosis, colon cancer, colon cancer awareness month 2013, genetic counseling, genetics, personalized healthcare

For people with Lynch syndrome, the risk of colon cancer starts as early as age 25. Fortunately, knowing you are at risk gives you a chance to do something about it.

artificial heart

8 High-Tech Solutions to Health Problems (Slideshow)

Tags: artificial heart, biomedical engineering, cancer diagnosis, innovation, prosthetic, research, technology

What do a new and improved artificial heart, a “bionic” knee and a magnetic tool for detecting cancer have in common? They’re all in the works — and they’re all poised to reshape treatment.

Family puzzle pieces

Thyroid Cancer: Does It Run in the Family?

Tags: cancer diagnosis, genetic counseling, genetics, personalized healthcare, PTEN gene, thyroid awareness month 2013, thyroid cancer

Learn what you need to know about the genetics of thyroid cancer. The best stat of all: There's a 100 percent survival rate if the disease is diagnosed early.

Target with blood vessels

A Champion Against Cancer

Tags: cancer diagnosis, diagnostic test, Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, innovation

Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma isn’t a household name, and not just because it’s a tongue twister. But a new test helps catch this rare form of cancer.

DNA illustration

Early Warning for Thyroid Cancer

Tags: cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, genetics, genomics, PTEN gene, thyroid awareness month 2013, thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer has a survival rate of nearly 100 percent if caught in its first two stages. That's why researchers work to help doctors catch the disease earlier than ever before.


Tips on Eating Right With Cancer

Tags: antioxidants, cancer, cancer diagnosis, Catalyst, lung cancer awareness month 2012, nutrition

It is especially important to eat well after a cancer diagnosis. A nutritional therapist shares tips on how to make sure you get the calories and nutrients you need.

Dog nose

The Smell Test: Sniffing Out Cancer

Tags: cancer diagnosis, diagnosis, lung cancer, lung cancer awareness month 2012, research

Researchers test a machine that detects lung cancer’s chemical signature from a person’s breath. This gives new meaning to the “smell test.”