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Cancer Patients: How You Can Find Emotional Support

Contributor: Mona Gupta, MD, Palliative Medicine and Supportive Oncology, Solid Tumor A cancer diagnosis can bring up people’s worst fears. Many cancer patients have the idea that it is the end of life as they know it. There is so much focus on the physical aspects of treatment that they may not realize how important … Read More

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Acute Leukemia: Woman Beats Cancer 2 Times

Like many of my cancer patients, Mary Kay*, 38, couldn’t understand her symptoms. She was a runner but kept feeling short of breath. She took care of herself but had sinus infections that were relentless, one after the other. She was always, as she described, “super-tired.” Finally, her primary care doctor gave her a blood … Read More

Lynch Syndrome and the Genetics of Colon Cancer

If you are 50 or older, you probably know you need regular screenings to prevent colon cancer. But did you know that some people need screenings much earlier in life? For people with Lynch syndrome, the most common genetic cause of colorectal cancer, the risk starts as early as age 25. Fortunately, knowing if you … Read More

8 High-Tech Solutions to Health Problems (Slideshow)

What do a new and improved artificial heart, a “bionic” knee and a magnetic tool for detecting cancer have in common? They’re all in the works — and they’re all poised to reshape treatment. Below are eight examples of medical problems with high-tech solutions, from Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME).

Thyroid Cancer: Does It Run in the Family?

100 percent — that’s the survival rate for thyroid cancer if we can diagnose the disease early. That’s good news when you consider that thyroid cancer is the fastest-growing cancer among men and second-fastest among women. Thanks to research, we know more than ever about this group of diseases. And thanks to improved genetic counseling … Read More

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A Champion Against Cancer

Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE) isn’t a household name, and not just because it’s a tongue twister. Few people encounter this very rare type of vascular cancer. Still, hundreds of U.S. adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with EHE each year. “We’ve already got the project under way, and we fully expect to cure this disease,” says … Read More

Early Warning for Thyroid Cancer

The bad news: In 2012, around 56,000 Americans will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The good news: The disease has a survival rate of nearly 100 percent if caught in its first two stages. Charis Eng, MD, PhD, founding director of Cleveland Clinic’s Genomic Medicine Institute, works to make early diagnosis possible. Most recently, Dr. … Read More