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How to End Your Constipation Naturally

Everyone gets constipated at one time or another. When you do, you feel bloated and blocked. You strain on the toilet with no results — or with results that are painful. But there are some things you can consider to help with the problem and decrease your risk of becoming constipated. Constipation occurs when bowel movements … Read More

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Stomach Aches: 5 Things Parents Should Know

At some point, every parent hears these three words: “My stomach hurts.” Most of the time, kids’ stomach pain goes away on its own with home remedies such as ginger ale and TLC. But sometimes stomach aches signal something more serious. How can you tell the difference? Lori Mahajan, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist in Cleveland Clinic … Read More

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Stress?

Stress — we all deal with it. It can strike during a rough spell at work, a major change in your home life or an unexpected crisis, for example. But when is stress a threat, and what can you do about it? Test your knowledge in the quiz below.

Grandma Was A Health Hacker (Infographic)

Good ol’ Grandma. The sound of her kindly voice alone could make you feel better when you were sick. But not all of Grandma’s old-time remedies — health hacks, if you will — stand up to close scientific scrutiny. In fact, some are downright silly. Let’s have a look at Grandma’s medicine chest and see … Read More

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Prevent Constipation in Your Kids

What can you do to help keep your kids from getting constipated? Lori Mahajan, MD, a pediatric constipation expert at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, shares some tips to prevent constipation in children: 1. Include fiber How much fiber is good enough? To figure out how many grams of fiber your child should consume each day, add five to their age. … Read More