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Don’t Take the Holidays Too Much to Heart

Tags: depression, heart attack, holiday season, stress

We tend to overdo during the holiday season, causing extra stress on the heart. So ’tis also the season for more heart-related trips to the emergency room. Watch for these signs of trouble.

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Why Giving is Good for Your Health

Tags: depression, donate, giving tuesday, holiday season 2012, volunteer

When you are generous, you don’t just make others happy. According to various research studies, you are also boosting your own health.


Beware of ‘Natural’ Testosterone Boosters for ‘Low-T’

Tags: depression, erectile dysfunction, Low T, sex, testosterone, testosterone deficiency syndrome, testosterone therapy

Guys: Over-the-counter ‘natural’ remedies that claim to raise your testosterone levels may sound too good to be true. Are they?

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Don’t Live Your Life Focused on Disease

Tags: chronic disease, depression, healthcare, mental health

For a person with a complex, chronic illness, too much healthcare can be as dangerous as too little. It’s easy to become overly dependent on medical interventions without seeing what it takes to achieve real health.

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When to Get Help for School Anxiety

Tags: anxiety, childhood constipation, depression, growing pains of parenting, serotonin, SSRIs

About two percent of kids experience school-related anxiety or school refusal. Learn how to recognize the signs of an anxiety disorder, and what you and your child’s teachers can do to help.

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Reducing the Stigma Around Depression, OCD and Anxiety

Tags: Catalyst, depression, mental health, OCD

Two sisters with a family history of mental challenges make a major gift to Cleveland Clinic to support mental-health research — hoping to help find better therapies for the future.

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Stroke and Depression — A Deadly Combination

Tags: brain health, depression, stroke

Suffering a stroke is a traumatic experience that can often lead to depression, which may even lead to earlier death. Why treating depression early after a stroke can be critical.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder: Beyond the Winter Blues

Tags: behavior, depression, SAD, seasonal affective disorder, tips for winter weather

How can you tell if you have more than just the winter blues? Learn the signs of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — and what you can do about it.

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Do Concussions Lead to Depression?

Tags: Alzheimer’s disease, concussion, depression, head injury, sports injuries

A new study of aging, retired NFL players finds that multiple concussions may have had long-term effects on their lives, including depression and cognitive impairment.

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How to Shake the Holiday Blues

Tags: depression, holiday season 2012, SAD

Are those jingle bells sounding more like jingle blahs? If so, you’re not alone. Taking time out for gratitude can help you handle the holiday blues.