Fried chicken

Fast-Food Disasters: The 5 Worst Lunch Foods

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Save your health by stepping away from the fast food counter. These five foods are diet crashers that will boost your risk for disease.


4 Fantastic Foods You Can Eat in Bigger Portions

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These foods come with plentiful health benefits — and you can probably eat more of them than you think.

gluten-free bread

The Surprising Truth About Gluten-Free Food and Weight Loss

Tags: celiac disease, diet, gluten, gluten-free, healthy diet, weight loss

Gluten-free diets are the latest craze for those looking to lose weight, but what’s the truth? Is gluten responsible for my love handles? The answer is no, but let’s clear the air of any confusion.

Mother and daughter baking

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Sugar?

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Your sweet tooth may make you an expert on sugary treats. But how much do you know about how sugar affects your body? Take this quiz and find out.


These 5 Foods Might Give You Portion Distortion

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There are simple tools in your kitchen right now to help you lose weight — or avoid gaining it. Are you using them?

Want to lose weight? Avoid meals that come from a menu. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Don’t Let Eating Out Kill Your Diet (Infographic)

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Are you trying to lose weight? Eating out at restaurants, even just once a week, has an effect on these efforts. It's smart to scale back on restaurant food. For the times you do need to go out, see our dining out tips.

Man viewing nutrition label

5 Smart Changes for Nutrition Labels (Infographic)

Tags: calories, diet, fat, healthy diet, infographic, nutrition labels, sodium

Get a closer look at coming changes to the Nutrition Facts label on foods — and the health reasons behind them.

Baked salmon

Fish Faceoff: Wild Salmon vs. Farmed Salmon

Tags: diet, fish, healthy diet, omega-3, risk factors

You want the benefits of fish such as salmon — but what about the risks? Find out whether wild fish or farmed fish is better for your health.

dish of brocolli and chick peas

Best and Worst Foods for IBS

Tags: diet, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance

To take control of irritable bowel syndrome, patients should stick to a diet that limits certain foods, including milk, beans and some fruits and vegetables. Get a convenient chart that details a low-“fodmap” diet.

fresh fruits and veggies

Eat Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure

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Chronic high blood pressure is a killer, but you have more power than you might think to control it. Diet plays a major role in regulating hypertension and what you eat can determine how low it can go.