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Problems in studying drinking energy drinks

Why Energy Drinks and Your Children Don’t Mix

Tags: blood pressure, caffeine, energy drinks, study

A recent study says that children younger than age 6 represented more than 40 percent of the emergency calls to poison centers that were related to energy drinks. The effects children included heart arrhythmia and seizures.

cup of fatty coffee with butter

Can Buttered Coffee Give You a Better Body?

Tags: butter, caffeine, coconut oil, coffee, diet, energy drinks, sodium, weight loss

Bulletproof coffee is the latest trend, but does adding butter and oil to your morning jolt really pack the health punch proponents claim it does?

Coffee vs. Energy Drinks

Coffee vs. Energy Drinks: A Caffeine Wake-Up Call (Video)

Tags: caffeine, coffee, coffee and heart health, energy drinks, expert, healthy diet, heart and vascular institute, heart health, heart video, risk factors, video

When it comes to your heart health, studies show that the amount of caffeine in a few cups of coffee a day typically isn’t harmful. However, the risk of energy drinks isn’t one worth taking. Here’s why.

energy drink covered in coffee beans and coffee grounds

Children Consuming Caffeine From Coffee and Energy Drinks

Tags: caffeine, coffee, energy drinks, growing pains of parenting, healthy diet

While caffeine consumption has not changed among children and adolescents since 1999, the sources have, a new study says. Between 1999 and 2010, a steady 73 percent of children ages 2 to 11 consumed caffeine on any given day.


Buzz Kill: Energy Drinks

Tags: abnormal heart beat, arrhythmia, energy drinks, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart health, prevention, risk factors

Before you reach for an energy drink, decide whether increased blood pressure and a prolonged QT interval (an abnormal heart rhythm) is the buzz you’re after.

Energy drink top

What’s in Your Drink? (Slideshow)

Tags: alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, hydration, myths, soda

From energy drinks to mixed drinks, get the facts about your favorite beverages.

energy drink

Energy Drinks Offer ‘No Health Benefit’

Tags: caffeine and heart health, energy drinks, heart health, news, prevention

Many people turn to highly caffeinated, sugar-laden, stimulant-containing drinks as a pick-me-up in a can. Cleveland Clinic cardiac surgeon Marc Gillinov offers his advice.