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Guide to Big Health, Financial Decisions as You Near Age 70

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If you are a baby boomer nearing age 70, you may want to make some important decisions about your finances and future medical care decisions. Here's a guide to show you how.

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How to Spot Epilepsy in Seniors When It Looks Like Dementia

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Epilepsy is often thought of as a condition affecting children, but it’s just as common in people over 65. In seniors, it’s often linked to other conditions such as stroke, and can be tougher to diagnose and treat.

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Steps You Can Take To Guard Against Dementia

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Choosing a healthy lifestyle that features regular exercise, a nutritious diet, limited alcohol consumption and no smoking can slow or reverse dementia and cognitive deterioration.

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Broncos Owner Steps Down Due to Alzheimer’s Disease

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Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is giving up control of his NFL team because of his Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive, fatal disease of the brain that destroys memory and thinking skills and impairs basic daily functions.

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Help Fight Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis

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For the more than 6 million Americans who are living with Alzheimer’s, holding on to a memory is not a choice. Unless we find a cure, or stop the progression, projections indicate that by 2050 there could be as many as 16 million people living with Alzheimer’s.

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You, MS and the Mind: Overcoming Cognitive Challenges

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Memory loss, difficulty concentrating and struggles with organization can be troubling if you or someone close to you has multiple sclerosis (MS). Use these five tips to outsmart MS and live easier.

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You Can Strengthen Your Brain Power

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We know that exercising your body can make your muscles and heart stronger. Increasingly, research shows that exercising your mind can make your brain more powerful, too.

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Statins Don’t Cause Memory Loss, Study Reaffirms

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Recent studies affirm that statins protect your brain as well as your heart, erasing prior concerns about possible links between the drug and memory loss – good news in the battle against heart attack and stroke.

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Lost My Keys Again — Alzheimer’s or Normal Aging?

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Some memory changes are normal as people get older. Find out how you can tell if it’s normal aging or Alzheimer’s disease, and when to talk to your doctor.

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Middle-aged Clumsiness? Could Be Early Alzheimer’s

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We’ve all heard of the forgetfulness and language problems that can signal Alzheimer’s. But when this disease strikes adults under 65, it can arrive with unexpected and puzzling symptoms – like unexplained clumsiness.