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Guide to Big Health, Financial Decisions as You Near Age 70

Tags: geriatric, geriatric health, health insurance, healthcare expenses, insurance, memory loss, senior care, senior health

If you are a baby boomer nearing age 70, you may want to make some important decisions about your finances and future medical care decisions. Here's a guide to show you how.

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Baby Boomers’ Guide to Heart Health

Tags: geriatric, geriatric health, heart and vascular institute, heart health, senior care

Baby boomers need to make smart choices about diet and lifestyle and monitor key indicators to stay heart healthy. Younger people need to pay attention, too, because health risks accrue over time.

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‘Snowbirds': Coordinate Medical Care Before Traveling

Tags: cancer, cancer patients, geriatric health, senior care, travel, travel tips

“Snowbirds” who fly to Florida or elsewhere for the winter and need ongoing cancer care should get a referral, make a first appointment, transfer records and check insurance before they take flight.

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Stay Healthy as a Senior Athlete

Tags: athletes, bone health, exercise, geriatric, geriatric health, senior care, senior safety, sports injury

Staying physically active as you age can help you manage or prevent many medical conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.

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A Dangerous Road: Elderly and Winter Falls

Tags: dementia, elderly, falling, Parkinson's Disease, senior care, tips for winter weather

Icy sidewalks. Slippery driveways. Boots that bring melting snow onto floors. These all can cause falls. And spill that gives a 20-year-old a bruised knee could send an elderly person to the hospital. Learn what puts some elderly people at more at risk than others and how to prevent falls.

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Too Old to Drive?

Tags: elderly, eye exam, hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss, memory loss, senior care, senior safety, vision loss

Older drivers are more likely than younger drivers to be involved in multi-vehicle crashes. Do you have an older family member whose safety behind the wheel is a concern? Find out what their affects safety and how to broach the topic.

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Stomach Flu Outbreaks in Nursing Homes

Tags: elderly, elderly patients, flu season, geriatric health, senior care, stomach flu

In nursing homes, an outbreak of norovirus, or more commonly, stomach flu, can be particularly devastating. A new study looks at where the causes may lie, especially staff. Also, find out how to assess risks of particular facilities.

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Epilepsy Risks Increase With Age

Tags: brain tumor, elderly, elderly patients, epilepsy, epilepsy awareness month 2012, seizures, senior care

An expert addresses the rise in epilepsy among baby boomers, including four issues to address: side effects of medication, drug interactions, reporting of seizures, safety and independence.


Elderly and the Heat (Video)

Tags: dehydration, elderly, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, senior care

With higher summer temperatures, the elderly are more vulnerable to health problems. An expert offers advice on lessening the risks.