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Male clutching abdomen in pain

What You Can Expect Long-Term After Having Hernia Surgery

Depending on the type of hernia, complications like pain and infection may arise in the months and years following treatment

Older couple talk while leisurely walk across a bridge
February 29, 2024/Heart Health

Can You Exercise After a Heart Attack?

Absolutely! In fact, in many ways, exercise is key to recovery

woman demonstrating a pririformis syndrome stretch
June 30, 2022/Diet, Food & Fitness

7 Best Stretches and Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome

Try these moves to relieve butt pain and numbness

elder woman lifts weights at gym

Why Senior Mobility Is so Important Right Now

Learn how simple movements can preserve your health — and lessen your risk for falls


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woman working on her leg in rehab

10 Tips to Help You Choose a Rehab Facility

Common questions you should ask to find a rehabilitation solution that’s right for you

Daughter taking care of her elderly mother at home

Should Mom or Dad Move In With You? 5 Things to Consider

How to prepare when bringing older relatives in-house

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