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Vaccine needle

If Your Immune System Is Compromised, Can You Get Vaccinated?

Tags: arthritis, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, vaccines

Whether your system is affected by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or HIV or compromised by medications, check with your health care provider before receiving a vaccine.

Do you know the truth about shingles? Don’t fall for these 7 myths.

Do You Know the Truth About Shingles? (Infographic)

Tags: chicken pox, chronic pain, infographic, shingles, shingles vaccine

Debunk the top seven myths about shingles, a painful skin rash that attacks one in three people.

shingles on skin

Shingles: What You Should Do If the Chicken Pox Virus Returns

Tags: chicken pox, pain management, shingles, shingles vaccine

Shingles. It comes from the same virus that causes chicken pox. Find out why it returns, particularly in people age 60+, and what to do if it does.

older woman getting vaccine

Study Finds Getting Shingles Vaccine May Be ‘Heart-Smart’

Tags: heart attack, shingles, shingles vaccine

Now, there’s another reason to get a shingles vaccine. New research finds that by lowering your risk for shingles, you also lower your risk for heart attack and mini-stroke.

shingles on skin

Do You Need a Shot for Shingles? (Video)

Tags: chicken pox, immune system, shingles, vaccines

Shingles, a relative of chickenpox, can be prevented with a vaccine for people over 60. Learn about the benefits of the shingles vaccine, as well as who is most at risk.

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Treating Pain When Shingles Lingers

Tags: antidepressant, chicken pox, epidural injections, herpes zoster virus, nerve blocks, PHN, post-herpetic neuralgia, shingles, shingles vaccine

Early treatment of shingles can help you avoid a chronic pain condition called post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Pain management specialists individualize treatment for PHN.

two women smiling in their 60s

Women in Their 60s: Staying Strong and Healthy (Video)

Tags: bone density, colon cancer, eye exam, hearing exam, HPV, mammogram, Pap smears, pelvic exams, shingles, vaccines, women of all ages series

Is 60 really the new 40? Holly L. Thacker, MD, talks about ways to keep feeling good well into your 60s.