5 Kid-friendly Tips for Healthy Snacking

5 Tips for Healthy, Kid-friendly Snacks

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Children need the right fuel to do the good things in life: running, jumping and moving. Amy Jamieson-Petonic, Registered Dietitian, Cleveland Clinic Wellness, offers five tips to healthy kid-friendly snacking. They'll keep kids' motors running on the good stuff.

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5 Simple Food Swaps That Keep You Trim

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When it comes to healthy diet and weight loss, little things add up. Try these simple substitutions to make health gains without sacrificing flavor.

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Doctor’s Order: Play With Your Food (Video)

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Tired of the same old choices when it comes to food? So is our expert, Linda Bradley, MD. She explains how to make positive changes in the way that you eat by experimenting with new foods, spices and recipes, and cooking with family.

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Create an Afterschool Snack Plan

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With a little advance planning, afterschool snacks can be a lot healthier.

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Diabetes: 6 Holiday Survival Tips

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The holidays tempt us with sugary, rich foods. Is it OK to indulge a little, even though you have diabetes? Marwan Hamaty, MD, talks about holiday challenges for those with diabetes.

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4 Tips to Proper Portion Control

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Having trouble eating in moderation? Try four tips for better portion control -- simple steps that can help form good habits over time.

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The Fine 15: Heart-healthy Foods

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A wide range of fruits, veggies, fish and other foods — even chocolate! — helps reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

4 Tips for Healthy Work Snacking

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Craving a snack at work? Plan ahead to make sure it’s healthy. A little time spent packing good snack options will keep you on track.

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5 Great Reasons to Walk

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The benefits of walking include everything from lowering your blood pressure to reducing your cravings for unhealthy snacks. See how this easy (and free!) activity can work such wonders.