Holiday Treats

10 Holiday Survival Tips If You Have Diabetes

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The holidays tempt us with sugary, rich foods. Is it OK to indulge a little, even though you have diabetes? Marwan Hamaty, MD, talks about holiday challenges for those with diabetes.

Businesswoman sitting in airport lounge with coffee, overhead view

Best Ways for You to Eat Healthier in an Airport

Tags: healthy diet, holiday season, holidays, snacking, travel, travel tips

It is possible to eat healthy while you travel and wait in airports. But you do have to work at it. You have to be ready because unhealthy food is everywhere in an airport. Find some practical tips to eating well while you travel.

Recipe: Quick, Healthy Guacamole

Recipes: 7 Easy Party Dips

Tags: fruits and vegetables, healthy diet, holiday season, holidays, party, Recipes, snacking

People love dips. They're always a hit, whether creamy or chunky. Below we present seven distinctly different dip recipes that are healthy, delicious and easy to make for your next get together.

Child doesn't like broccoli

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Teaching Kids Good Eating Habits

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Learn why forbidding food backfires with kids. And why it’s OK to keep offering foods your youngster doesn’t want. Our expert shares five do's and don’ts for the family table — and explains why it’s never too early to start.

Apple snack

5 Tips To Help You Snack Healthier at Work

Tags: diabetes, healthy diet, obesity, snacking, soda

Craving a snack at work? Plan ahead to make sure it’s healthy. A little time spent packing good snack options will keep you on track.

cherries on stems

Got the Midnight Munchies? Try These 4 Substitute Snacks

Tags: diet, healthy diet, insomnia, sleep, snacking, snacks

Avoiding midnight snacks is your first line of defense in preventing weight gain. But if you’re up late and must munch, choose wisely.

Apple Rings

Recipe: Chewy Cinnamon Apple Chips

Tags: fruits and vegetables, healthy diet, Recipes, snacking

These apple chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips. Use them to create a colorful food gift or snack for a packed lunch. Another benefit: They make your house smell wonderful as they bake.

5 Kid-friendly Tips for Healthy Snacking

5 Tips for Healthy, Kid-friendly Snacks

Tags: healthy diet, snacking, summer

Children need the right fuel to do the good things in life: running, jumping and moving. Amy Jamieson-Petonic, Registered Dietitian, Cleveland Clinic Wellness, offers five tips to healthy kid-friendly snacking. They'll keep kids' motors running on the good stuff.

Handful of blueberries

5 Simple Food Swaps That Keep You Trim

Tags: diet, diet & nutrition, healthy diet, infographic, snacking, wellness

When it comes to healthy diet and weight loss, little things add up. Try these simple substitutions to make health gains without sacrificing flavor.

man and woman cooking with food

Doctor’s Order: Play With Your Food (Video)

Tags: cooking, healthy diet, snacking

Tired of the same old choices when it comes to food? So is our expert, Linda Bradley, MD. She explains how to make positive changes in the way that you eat by experimenting with new foods, spices and recipes, and cooking with family.