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Study of PAD Patients Shows Statin Benefits

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A recent study found patients with advanced peripheral arterial disease who took statins were half as likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes compared with patients not taking statins. Death rates also were cut in half.


Statins and Diabetes: Risk-Benefit Round-Up (Video)

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People with diabetes are more likely to develop heart disease. Clouding this issue, the FDA recently issued a warning that statin therapy may be associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes. What gives?

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Can Push-Ups Take the Place of Pills? Not Yet

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Physical activity is potentially as effective as many drug interventions for patients with coronary heart disease and stroke, a recent analysis suggests. But don’t trade your medications for a new pair of cross-trainers yet.


Be Alert to Statin Side Effects (Video)

Tags: cholesterol, coronary artery disease, Dr. Rocco, heart attack, heart health, heart videos, prevention, side effects, statins, video

Statin therapy is a popular first-line treatment to lower LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attacks and death. While most people tolerate statins quite well, occasionally side effects can occur. Dr. Michael Rocco explains what to watch out for.

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Don’t Despair If You Have Statin Intolerance (Video)

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Intolerance to a specific statin does not predict a poor response to another. Learn how specific dosing regimens that increase the dose/frequency over time can help increase your tolerance.

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Experts React: Heart Disease Prevention Guidelines

Tags: blood pressure, cholesterol, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart attack, heart disease, heart health, statins

New guidelines on the treatment and prevention of heart disease have roiled the medical community. Cleveland Clinic experts give their analysis, noting pros and cons of the proposed changes.

Statin Myths

9 Myths About Statins

Tags: cholesterol, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, heart health, statins, supplements

There is so much information swirling around about statins that it's no surprise that patients don't know what to believe. Find the facts about this commonly prescribed but often misunderstood drug.

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Statins Don’t Cause Memory Loss, Study Reaffirms

Tags: heart disease, memory loss, statins

Recent studies affirm that statins protect your brain as well as your heart, erasing prior concerns about possible links between the drug and memory loss – good news in the battle against heart attack and stroke.

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Heart Guidelines Urge Increased Statin Use (Video)

Tags: blood pressure, cholesterol, healthy diet, heart attack, LDL, obesity, statins, stroke, Trans fats, Type 2 diabetes

New heart guidelines take a dramatic turn, recommending greatly increased use of cholesterol-lowering statin medications.


New Drug May Work When Statins Don’t Or Can’t

Tags: cholesterol, Dr. Nissen, Dr. Rocco, genetics, heart and vascular institute, heart attack, PCSK9 inhibitors, research, statins, stroke

When statins don’t lower cholesterol enough or cause intolerable side effects, PCSK9 inhibitors promise to be an excellent alternative.