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How to Pick the Perfect Cantaloupe (Video)

Tags: fruits, fruits and vegetables, summer, videos

How can you tell if the cantaloupe you are holding in your palm is really ripe? Here are a few ways you can tell.

Roller Coasters: How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain

Roller Coasters: How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain

Tags: back pain, joint pain, neck pain, spine, summer, summer safety

Roller coasters and other rides can lead to back and neck pain, especially for people with a history of disc problems, arthritis or muscle spasms. Planning ahead and caring for yourself afterward can minimize discomfort.

woman wearing flip flops

How Switching Up Your Summer Shoes Helps Your Feet

Tags: feet, shoes, summer

Flip flops, heels, wedges, tennis shoes and flats – summer shoe choices are endless. What is the perfect shoe for your foot health day-in and day-out?

kid in car

Kid Safety: 5 Myths About Hot Car Dangers

Tags: child safety, dehydration, summer, summer safety

Every year, children die after being left in the car on a hot day -- even just for a few minutes. There are some misconceptions about this issue. Learn the truth and find practical tips to keep your kids safe.

steak with flames on grill with rosemary

How to Put Out Your Grilling Flareups (Video)

Tags: grilling, Recipes, summer, video, videos

Watch this video as Chef Jim Perko shows how to put out flareups that often happen while you're grilling. He says it's very important to cook on a grill that has a lid. Find out why.

How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated

H2O: What Parents Need to Know

Tags: children's health, growing pains of parenting, hydration, summer, water

More than half of children and teens do not drink enough fluids. Deb Lonzer, MD, shares some helpful tips to incorporate and maintain healthy drinking habits so your kids stay hydrated.

berries in a white bowl

Up Your Vitamin C Intake with Berries (Video)

Tags: diet, farmer's market, fruits and vegetables, summer

Join Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD, as she explains why berries are not to be missed during your next rounds through the farmer's market.

woman cooking on grill

Grilling Out? Try These 7 Healthy Delicious Food Swaps

Tags: diet, grilling, healthy cooking, summer

On the Fourth of July, cookouts abound. Our dietitian describes easy substitutions you can make for healthy, delicious eating.

6 Easy Steps to Healthy Burgers You’ll Love (Infographic)

6 Easy Steps to Healthy Burgers You’ll Love (Infographic)

Tags: burger, grilling, infographic, summer

You don’t want to heat up the kitchen — or clean pots and pans. The solution? Fire up the grill and throw on some burgers for a quick meal with minimal fuss. Keep in mind that the quality of your ingredients determines whether you’re serving a healthy meal to your family, or one that’s loaded

Multicolored radishes

5 Foods You Should Eat This Summer

Tags: antioxidants, diet, healthy diet, summer

Summer comes with plenty of adventures. Why not add something new to your diet, too?