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How to Know if Your Heart Can Handle Non-Cardiac Surgery

Many surgical procedures are very safe. But any type of surgery carries risks along with it. In particular, doctors and surgeons want to find out about any potential heart or cardiovascular risks that you might have before deciding whether you are a good candidate for any kind of surgery. Ask questions and stay involved Before … Read More

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Sports Beat: What to Expect When Your Doctor Orders an ECG

Back to school time means back to sports. Before training begins you will often be required to complete a pre-participation athletic screening. Generally, this involves filling out a form that asks you questions about your medical history and your family’s. For most athletes, the screening stops there. However, when a physician feels that an athlete’s … Read More

For a Healthy Heart: Get Enough Sleep

Today we know that there is more to keeping the heart healthy than eating right and exercise. Getting the right amount of sleep is just as important. People with chronic sleep disturbances such as insomnia (30 percent of us) have a shorter life expectancy compared to those who consistently sleep well. “Sleeping a solid seven … Read More