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pill bottle surrounded by pills
May 29, 2023/Mental Health

What To Know About the Dangerous Drug Called ‘Tranq’

Xylazine is an animal sedative that’s behind an increasing number of human overdose deaths

Whippet canisters placed on top of deflated yellow balloons.
April 10, 2023/Wellness

Whippets: What You Need To Know About These Drugs

Popular among teens, these inhalants give you a quick high with potentially lasting consequences

Male taking medication with water.
November 9, 2022/Men's Health

Can Drugs Lower Your Sperm Count?

Various prescription medications and recreational drugs can have an impact

Group therapy for addiction
June 12, 2022/Mental Health

How To Help Someone Trying To Overcome an Addiction

Guide them to experts while being supportive, loving and patient


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A close up of a person's hand and a half drunken glass containing an unknown, brown liquid
October 17, 2021/Mental Health

What is the ‘California Sober’ Approach to Substance Use?

An addiction specialist weighs in on the rising trend of “semi-sobriety”

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