How Germy Is Your Kitchen Towel?

Be honest. Do you wash your kitchen towels routinely ― or do weeks (or a month) go by before you toss them in a load? Our infectious disease expert explains why you might want to adopt better towel hygiene.

How to Cut Your Risk of E.Coli Poisoning

If you have ever have a stomach ache that makes you wonder about food poisoning, pay attention to how long symptoms last. Poisoning from Escherichia coli — better known as E. coli bacteria — often mirrors a viral infection, but many times is more severe and persists longer.

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Petting Zoo Safety: Don’t Kiss The Animals

Petting zoos are fun places where you and your kids can get up close and personal with farm animals like goats, cattle, sheep, rabbits, miniature horses and even a llama or two. But don’t get too personal beyond petting them and feeding them kibble out of your palm. Even healthy animals may carry germs that … Read More

Where the Germs Are

It’s a germy world out there. Here are five places where they lurk — and how to protect yourself from them. [tn3 origin=”album” ids=”60″ transitions=”default” responsive=”1″] Sources: University of Arizona; NSF International; California State University, Sacramento; U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Tanning Bed Dangers

Many people prepare for the summer sun by hitting a tanning bed, so they can hit the beach with a little color. But Jennifer Lucas, MD, a dermatologist in the Cleveland Clinic Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Institute, says there’s more than one reason to avoid tanning beds altogether. She says tanning beds may: Increase your … Read More