Why You Should Make Family Mealtime a Priority

While 50 percent of American families eat dinner together at least five nights per week, many eat together much less than that. Family mealtime is a time to stay in touch with one another, and it can improve everyone’s health.

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Multitasking: Why It’s Bad for You and Your Kids

As a parent, you may not realize that you’re multitasking when you juggle kids, career, chores and friendships. But you are — and you’re not the only one. Technology has made it easier for kids to multitask too. This can affect both kids and parents negatively, says Deb Lonzer, MD, Chair of Community Pediatrics for … Read More

Sibling Rivalry Tips: 5 for Prevention, 5 for Intervention

Sibling rivalry happens everywhere, from the animal kingdom to the Bible — and in families across the world. At home, you may feel more like a referee than a parent when your children squabble, says pediatrician Sigmund Norr, MD. But there is help if you find yourself wondering, “Why can’t we all just get along?” Rivalry … Read More