Should Your Spouse Be Your Best Friend?

Your spouse is your best friend and more — but should they be your only friend? There are good reasons to foster friendships outside marriage. These 5 tips will help you balance your buddies with wedded bliss.

Being Married Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack

Marriage can be good for your heart. Studies show that the risk of ever getting a heart attack is lower among married couples and that married couples do better when heart problems do occur. There are many reasons behind the statistics, but experts point to the fact that a loving spouse looks out for you, … Read More

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Can a Happy Marriage Keep You Healthy? (Video)

Think about all the nice things your spouse or partner does for you. Ever consider that helping you to be healthy is one of them? We don’t just mean bringing you chicken soup when you’re sick, preparing your favorite healthy snacks or reminding you to take your daily medicine. Research shows a partner can help when it … Read More

Married Men More Likely to Get a Medical Checkup

Married men young and old are more likely to have had a medical checkup in the last year compared to single men or those with a live-in partner, says a new study from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The study showed that 76 percent of married men were more likely than cohabitating men and … Read More

3 Free, Super-lovey Valentine’s Gifts

Success in marriage is not so much about finding the right person as it is about being the right person, says Counseling Psychologist Ted Raddell, PhD. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, Dr. Raddell offers 3 simple tips to add romance to a marriage or relationship. 1. Think secret, sweet and small Small gestures mean a … Read More

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