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Person walking in park with ear buds and listening to smartphone.
September 7, 2023/Mental Health

What To Do When You Feel Depressed

Learning your warning signs can help push back against an episode of depression

Upset person with hands over face and storm clouds overhead signifying their state of mind.
June 5, 2023/Women's Health

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women (and Reasons Why It Might Be Low)

Symptoms are subtle, but could include a reduced libido and mood swings

eggs and orange juice boost mood
October 21, 2021/Nutrition

The Connection Between Food and Your Mood

How to choose foods that will boost your mood

eating healthy promotes a good mood
January 11, 2021/Nutrition

Does What You Eat Affect Your Mood?

How to choose foods with mood-supporting nutrients


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Is It Normal to Get Depressed or Anxious as You Age?
December 19, 2019/Brain & Nervous System

Is It Normal to Get Depressed or Anxious as You Age?

Mental health issues can be tied to medical problems

Older woman depressed and forgetful comforted by daughter
September 26, 2019/Mental Health

Your Mood May Affect How Well Your Mind Functions

Understanding the link between the two

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