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low-fat creamy Italian dip in bowl, with assorted veggies around
February 20, 2024/Recipes

Recipe: Low-Fat Creamy Italian Dip

A low-sugar, low-fat dip perfect for snacking

Closeup of S'mores muffins sith a bite taken out of one, with marshmallows and chocolate chips in the foreground.
August 16, 2023/Recipes

Recipe: S’mores Muffins

An easy-to-make take on a summer treat

Peanut Butter balls displayed in white paper cups on a pink tablecloth.
November 30, 2022/Recipes

Recipe: Peanut Butter Balls

A healthy snack that’s also the perfect mix of nutty and sweet

A plate of triangular-shaped whole wheat cranberry scones
November 17, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Whole-Wheat Cranberry Scones

A simple and delicious treat for mornings or a mid-day snack


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recipe sweet and savory trail mix
April 15, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Sweet and Savory Heart-Healthy Snack Mix

Whole grains meet dried fruit and nuts for a well-rounded treat

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