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illustration of kidneys inside body
February 8, 2021/Urinary & Kidney Health

Renal Aneurysms: When Should You Have Yours Repaired?

The biggest concern is that they could rupture

niacin and choletesterol
November 15, 2020/Heart Health

Can Niacin Be Harmful to Control Cholesterol?

Studies reinforce its role in specific types of patients

amputee dealing with phantom pain
August 3, 2020/Chronic Pain

5 Ways to Deal With Phantom Limb Pain After Amputation

Pain and strange sensations are common

Cleansing the blood
May 10, 2020/Heart Health

Can Chelation Therapy Be Used to Treat Heart Disease?

The short answer from a cardiologist


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older man upset in bed with wife
November 19, 2019/Heart Health

Why Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Cardiovascular Problems

Learn the many causes of erectile dysfunction

illustration of Fit woman displaying heart health
October 22, 2019/Heart Health

How to Protect Yourself Against Heart and Vascular Disease

Take steps to modify risk factors as you age

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