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If You Have Epilepsy, Don’t Overdo Alcohol

Tags: alcohol, brain health, epilepsy

When it comes to alcohol use and epilepsy, keep the saying “everything in moderation” in mind. Moderate alcohol use is okay for many people with epilepsy, but excessive use can increase the risk of seizures.

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How to Better Handle Your Teen’s Spring Break

Tags: alcohol, drugs, growing pains of parenting, parenting, spring break

For parents of young adults, spring break can be a time of worrying about their children's safety. Here's advice for parents to ensure their teens make the right decisions during spring break vacation.

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A Recovering Alcoholic’s Guide to the Holidays

Tags: alcohol, alcoholism, drinking, holiday season, substance abuse

Holiday parties create a potential minefield for recovering alcoholics. Be mindful of contextual situations associated with drinking and extreme emotions stirred up by the season that can trigger relapse.

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Quiz: Test Your Sleep Smarts

Tags: alcohol, Insomnia, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders

How much do you know about sleep — and the choices and disorders that affect it? Take this quiz and find out.

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10 Tips for Holiday Party Season: Google+ Hangout On Air

Tags: alcohol, diet, healthy diet, holiday season

’Tis the season for holiday cocktail parties with bountiful buffets. As you gather with friends, family and coworkers to celebrate — and chances are you’ll do this more than once — be mindful of healthy eating habits.

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5 Suprising Facts About Alcohol (Slideshow)

Tags: alcohol, alcoholic beverages, drinking, red wine, wine

Like your favorite mixed drink, alcohol can be a mixed bag when it comes to your health.

Track what you eat if you have migraines

Dear Diary: What Food Triggered This Migraine?

Tags: alcohol, caffeine, Headaches, migraine headaches, migraines, preservatives, tension headaches

Certain foods are considered potential migraine triggers, but figuring which culprits cause your own headaches can be tough. That’s why headache experts say it’s essential to keep a daily diary of what you eat.

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Can These Foods Help Prevent Stroke?

Tags: alcohol, American Heart Association AHA, brain health, cholesterol, fruits and vegetables, healthy diet, salt, stroke

We hear often about the value of a heart-healthy diet that’s rich in fruits, veggies and whole grains, and low in cholesterol, saturated fats and sodium. But what’s good for your heart is good for your brain, too.

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What’s in Your Drink? (Slideshow)

Tags: alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, hydration, myths, soda

From energy drinks to mixed drinks, get the facts about your favorite beverages.

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Did You Have Too Much to Drink?

Tags: alcohol, drinking

It's New Year's Eve. Like most people, you probably have plans to go out on one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Have you thought about a designated driver if you plan on celebrating by consuming a few alcoholic beverages?