How to Manage Challenging Behavior in Children With Autism

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder, behavior

Aggression toward a sibling or classmate. Self injury. Wandering off without warning. Many children with autism exhibit this challenging behavior. What can parents do?

woman stressed

Stay Joyful: 7 Ways to Ease Holiday Stress

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It’s easy to let holiday stress get the best of you. But, it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be that way. Follow these expert tips for keeping the good tidings in your season.

Bad report card

8 Tips for Talking About Bad Grades

Tags: Be Well e-News, behavior, children's health, grades

Every child brings home the occasional disappointing grade. Sometimes parental intervention may be needed to make sure it’s not the beginning of a pattern. But when is the best time to talk? And what do you say?

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5 Ways You Can Improve ADHD in Children

Tags: ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavior, children's health

When it comes to ADHD, parents have the power to change behavior — and that power goes beyond medications.

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5 S.M.A.R.T. Tips for Quitting Tobacco

Tags: behavior, smoking, stop smoking, tobacco

It doesn’t matter whether you are a cigarette smoker, cigar smoker or tobacco chewer. Quitting tobacco is one of the most important things you’ll ever do.

Father sending son to school

Autism: 4 Ways to Improve Your Child’s School Days

Tags: autism, autism spectrum disorders, back to school, behavior

How to ease fears by building two-way communication with teachers and others who work with your child.


5 Ways to Help A Child With Autism Learn Social Skills

Tags: ASD, autism, behavior

With the right understanding and practice, you can play a major role in your child’s education. Start with the basics — just as your child will.


7 Tips to Kick Bad Habits for Good

Tags: bad habits, behavior, challenge, diet, exercise, healthy living, stop smoking

With some planning, effort and focus, we can change our habits. It’s worth it with all the potential benefits, including longevity and enhanced self-esteem. Find seven tips to changing your bad habits into good ones.

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5 Ways to Control Tech Before It Controls You (Slideshow)

Tags: behavior, children's health, computer vision syndrome, eye health, iPad, sleep, sleep hygeine, stress, technology

Technology can help your health — or drain it like a smartphone's battery. Use these tips to get more out of your devices without getting powered down.


Playing Nice With Kids Who Are ‘Different’

Tags: ASD, autism, Be Well e-News, behavior, children’s health

Interacting with someone who is “different” can be tough even for adults. No wonder kids don’t always get it right.