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Popsicle recipe

Recipe: Pineapple Raspberry Popsicles

Tags: fruits, Recipes, summer

With just three ingredients, it’s easy to keep your family cool this summer with a batch of our healthier-than-out-of-the-box popsicles.

honey and mint

How to Use 5 Ingredients to Make 3 Simple Salads

Tags: fruits, healthy diet, Recipes

Get creative about eating healthy, distinct recipes on one grocery trip! These three fruit and nut salad recipes all use the same core ingredients but offer different flavors with simple swaps, spices and herbs.

powerful food combinations

Pair These Foods for a Healthy Punch (Infographic)

Tags: diet, fruits, healthy diet, infographic, vegetables

Tomatoes, spinach, blueberries —all these are good for you. Even better, registered dietitian Amy Jamieson-Petonic says you can pair them up with other foods and spices to really pack a nutritional punch.