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Can Brown Fat Fuel Your Fat-Fighting Furnace?

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For body fat, color matters. Find out why researchers are studying brown fat — and why it might help fight obesity in the future.


How Science Can Fight the Obesity Epidemic

Tags: genetics, metabolism, obesity, research

Science tells us there is more to obesity than meets the eye. Solving the obesity crisis requires a look at the big picture — and under the microscope.


Eat These Foods — Your Metabolism Will Thank You

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Keep your body's fires burning and stay fit with these metabolism wonders. Hint: One of them is free in your kitchen right now.

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Diabetes and Nutrition — A Q&A With Our Expert

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Today’s diabetic diet is simply a healthy diet. To help you live your best with this condition, S. Sethu Reddy, MD, of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, answers common questions about diabetes: Q: Are overweight people more likely to get diabetes?A: Yes — but only if diabetes runs in the family. Q: Should

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Chat With a Doctor: Bariatric Surgery & Diabetes

Tags: bariatric surgery, chat with a doctor, diabetes, endocrinology, gastric bypass, metabolism, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, web chat, webchat, weight-loss surgery

Ask questions and get answers about the link between weight and diabetes from Cleveland Clinic physicians during a live webchat on Thursday, June 28, 2012, at noon (ET).