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U.S. Waistlines Keep Getting Larger

Tags: BMI, diabetes, healthy diet, obesity, overweight, weight gain, weight loss

The number of U.S. men and women with the kind of obesity that settles around the waist – which can indicate a greater risk of ailments such as diabetes and heart disease – has risen sharply over the last 12 years.

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Active Gaming May Help Your Child Lose Weight

Tags: childhood obesity, electronics, obesity, overweight, parenting, video games

A recent study found that playing active video games, as part of a weight-management program, encourages overweight children to get more active and may help them to lose more weight.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Waist Size Matters (Infographic)

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When it comes to erectile dysfunction, a man's weight -- and his waist size -- may put him more at risk. One study found that men who have a waist size larger than 40 inches are more likely to have erectile dysfunction.

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5 Ways to Boost Breast Health

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer awareness 2013, breast health, healthy weight, overweight

In the United States, about one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point. Here are five ways to reduce your risk – while boosting your overall health.

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Tips to Avoid the ‘Freshman 15’ (Video)

Tags: college, diet, nutrition, overweight, weight gain

The tradition of putting on several extra pounds freshman year is one no one wants to keep. Dietitian Laura Jeffers talks about ways to avoid the ‘Freshman 15’ trap.

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Bigger Belly? Bigger Problems

Tags: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, healthy diet, obesity, overweight

A big belly may lead to serious health problems. People with excessive belly fat are at greater risk of heart disease and cancer than those who carry fat in other areas of their body, says a new study.

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Obesity Is Now Considered a Disease

Tags: bariatric surgery, healthy weight, obesity, overweight, weight loss

The American Medical Association (AMA) has officially recognized obesity as a chronic disease. Defining obesity as a disease should spur physicians and patients to see it as a serious medical issue.

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Beyond BMI: A Better Tool to Measure Your Health

Tags: BMI, body mass index, diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, obesity, overweight, stroke, waist-to-height-ratio

Waist-to-height ratio does a better job of predicting your health risks. Best of all, just like BMI, you can measure it yourself.

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Weight-Loss Medications: Are They Right for You?

Tags: medications, obesity, overweight, weight loss, weight-loss medications

Patients often ask: Are there medications for weight loss? The answer is yes, but these medications are not for everyone.

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6 Smart Tips: Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Tags: diet, exercise, healthy diet, new year new you, overweight, weight loss

Do you need to lose weight? Karen Cooper, DO, helps patients with weight loss and offers practical advice to help you reach, and maintain, a healthy weight.