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7 Tips to Overcome Asthma When You Exercise

Tags: asthma, asthma attack, exercise, exercise-induced asthma, inhaler, tips for winter weather

If you’re an athlete with asthma, you don't have to hold back. With proper medication and conditioning, you can participate fully in sports.

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Wetter Winter This Year Could Spell Allergy Woes

Tags: allergies, allergy, seasonal allergies, tips for winter weather, winter

Lots of snow fell this past winter, which means there's lots of water in the ground. That can set the stage for a bad allergy season.

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Yes, You Really Can Be Allergic to the Cold

Tags: allergies, frostbite, hives, skin allergies, tips for winter weather, winter

After months of frigid weather, you might joke that you're allergic to the cold. But some people really do have an allergy to cold temperatures. Severe cases can lead to fainting, shock and even death.

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Frostbite Can Happen in Minutes (Video)

Tags: child safety, frostbite, skin care, tips for winter weather

When does a nip turn into a bite? If you spend extended periods out in the cold, you need to watch for frostbite. Learn how you can stop frostbite before it bites you.

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5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Dry Eye

Tags: dry eyes, eye drops, tips for winter weather

In this condition, the eyes don’t produce enough tears or the right quality of tears. Combat burning and itching this winter using these tips.

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4 Easy Ways to Stay Fit in Cold Weather (Slideshow)

Tags: exercise, fitness, sports, tips for winter weather, yoga

If the cold days and dark nights of winter make you want to hibernate, consider this: Being inactive can take a toll on your fitness, your weight and your mood. Get tips for all fitness levels.

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Are Your Hands Aging You?

Tags: skin care, sunscreen, tips for winter weather, wrinkles

Cleveland Clinic dermatologist Alexandra Zhang, MD, talks about how to keep hands looking young by preventing and treating age or liver spots, brittle nails, scaly skin and bony looking hands.

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5 Foods You Should Eat This Winter

Tags: diet, healthy diet, healthy living, tips for winter weather, vegetables

Don't live on a steady diet of hot chocolate. Winterizing your diet can be healthy — and tasty — if you add a few favorite cold-weather foods.

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Parents: Know These Winter Safety Tips

Tags: child safety, flu, flu season, frostbite, skin care, tips for winter weather

Whether sledding and romping around in the snow or just hanging around together at home, keep kids warm, healthy and safe this winter with these practical tips.

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5 Ways to Save Your Skin (Slideshow)

Tags: dry skin, health tips, skin care, sun exposure, tips for winter weather

Blustery wind, cold temperatures and low humidity can wreak havoc on your skin. Get tips to minimize the damage and keep your skin healthy this winter.