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man holding his knee

Best Ways You Can Avoid ACL, Knee Injuries

Tags: ACL, ACL tear, joint pain, knee arthroscopy, knee injury, knee replacements, sports injuries

Athletes know the unmistakable "pop" of a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which usually spells a season-ending injury. To prevent this, athletes need to practice proper form.

shoulder pain illustration

Shoulder Dislocation: How It Happens in Real Life

Tags: dislocation, rehabilitation, shoulder, shoulder pain, shoulder replacements

People in movies may dislocate a shoulder and easily “pop” it back in place, but in real life, you need immediate medical attention for a shoulder dislocation. Here's how to tell if your shoulder is dislocated and what to do.

woman holding her wrist

Carpal Tunnel: Best Ways to Address Your Pain, Tingling

Tags: carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist

If you spend a lot of time typing or working with your hands, don't ignore tingling and numbness in your wrists and fingers. It may be carpal tunnel syndrome -- a progressive, painful condition that you need to address.

Learn more about golf fitness and lessening the chances for injury. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Being ‘Golf Fit’ Will Increase Your Play Time (Infographic)

Tags: exercise, golf, infographic, joints, sports, sports injuries, stretching

Golfers love their sport, but poor golf mechanics and a lackluster warm up can keep you from the green. Health Hub talked to Cleveland Clinic senior physical therapist Jeff Sords, PT, a certified golf fitness instructor, to learn more about golf fitness and lessening the chances for injury.

Couple in bed

Don’t Let Arthritis Stop You From Enjoying Sex

Tags: arthritis, chronic pain, fatigue, pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sex, sexual health, Sjögren’s syndrome

Find out how to overcome the sexual hurdles arthritis places in your way. The benefits are worth the extra effort.

blood samples in test tubes

Tom Brokaw Puts Spotlight on Multiple Myeloma

Tags: blood diseases, blood disorders, bone marrow, bone marrow cancer, multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer similar to leukemia and lymphoma, in which the body makes too many plasma cells. When this happens, there is less room for healthy red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

x-ray of child spine with curve

Your Child and Pediatric Scoliosis: 5 Facts

Tags: curvature of spine, scoliosis, spine

The bulky body braces once used to treat scoliosis are a thing of the past. Today, subtle braces and surgery can correct kids’ spine curvatures and achieve long-term spinal health.

child's arm with broken bones

Regrowing Growth Plates: A Fix for Kids’ Injuries?

Tags: bone density, broken bone, cartilage, growth plates, innovation, research

Some growth plate injuries cause kids’ arm and leg bones to prematurely stop growing. Cleveland Clinic researchers hope to translate test tube findings into the ability to regenerate damaged growth plates in kids’ bodies.

boy playing video game

Limit Kids’ ‘Screen Time’ to Avoid Back Pain

Tags: back pain, electronics, growing pains of parenting, posture, spine, video games

Kids are at risk for back pain because of extended “screen time.” Cold weather makes getting active less appealing, and kids often turn to video games. Use these tips to help avoid posture problems.

hockey stick with puck and iceskate

High-Speed Hockey Has High Potential for Injury

Tags: hockey, sports injuries

People tend to think football has a dangerous propensity to inflict injury. But hockey – whether it’s at the Olympics or your local high school – can be just as injurious. Learn how to avoid or lessen injuries.