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Tag: digestion

Pot of broth boiling on stove
July 9, 2024/Digestive

How To Follow a Gastroparesis Diet: What To Eat and What To Avoid

The best food choices for gastroparesis are low in fat and fiber

Person eating huge burger until too full, with gas bubbles in background.
March 13, 2023/Digestive

How To Tell When You’re Full (Before You Feel Stuffed)

Large portions, restrictive diets, emotions and social cues can all play a role in overeating

Whole kiwis with skin.
February 17, 2023/Nutrition

Surprise! Kiwi Skin Is Edible — and Really Good for You

That fuzzy, brown skin is actually loaded with nutrients

Woman clutching her chest.
December 7, 2022/Digestive

Have Heartburn? Here’s How To Find Relief for Acid Reflux

Lifestyle changes such as diet and weight loss or medication such as antacids can bring relief


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using digestive bitters
March 7, 2022/Digestive

What To Know Before You Try Digestive Bitters

They could help with digestion … or make existing symptoms worse

small boy covers eyes in bathroom
June 24, 2021/Nutrition

Why Can You See Corn in Poop?

The short answer from a registered dietitian

illustration of stomach with food inside
April 19, 2021/Digestive

How Long Does It Take to Digest Food

Breaking down digestion speed

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