How Mixing Medicine and Alcohol Can Harm You

If your physician asks you how many alcoholic drinks you consume every day, there’s good reason to be precise. If you are taking medication, consuming alcoholic drinks regularly could create serious health problems. But a recent analysis of data from more than 26,000 adults age 20 and older showed that more than 40 percent of … Read More

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Why Women Who Don’t Drink Can Still Get Cirrhosis

You might think that men are more likely to develop cirrhosis than women because they drink alcoholic beverages much more often than women. But women actually are at higher risk of developing cirrhosis — even when they drink only half the amount of alcohol men drink. If you’re a woman, you may be at risk for developing cirrhosis, even if … Read More

A Recovering Alcoholic’s Guide to the Holidays

For recovering alcoholics, particularly those who quit drinking in the recent past, this festive time of the year can be a difficult one — and altering your usual holiday routine to encourage sobriety is definitely something to consider, says Jason Jerry, MD, staff physician at the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center at Cleveland Clinic’s Lutheran … Read More

5 Surprising Facts About Alcohol (Slideshow)

Like your favorite mixed drink, alcohol can be a mixed bag when it comes to your health. From potential benefits to possible risks, these five facts about the effects of drinking may surprise you. [tn3 origin=”album” ids=”622″ transitions=”default”]

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5 Tips to Take Out to the Ball Game

Is it game day in your hometown? Are you catching baseball fever? A little baseball fever never sent anyone to the hospital, but you can still make your trip to the ballpark easier on your body. Use these tips to stay healthy while you’re trying to catch that fly ball. 1. The every-inning stretch Don’t … Read More

Did You Have Too Much to Drink?

It’s New Year’s Eve. Like most people, you probably have plans to go out on one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Your plans are set. But have you thought about a designated driver if you plan on celebrating by consuming alcoholic beverages? Here are a few tips: 1. Add a cab company … Read More