Food Journaling 101

A registered dietitian explains how food journaling can be a simple process for weight management, tracking digestive symptoms and food sensitivities, and understanding how we feel about food.

Person recording breakfast details on smartphone for food journal.
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Emotions: How To Express What You Feel

We all have emotions, but what exactly are they? A psychologist explains the five basic emotions — enjoyment, sadness, disgust, fear and anger — and how you can talk more effectively about how you feel.

person balancing on a smiley face while juggling other emotions

How To Deal With Regrets

We all have regrets, but how we deal with them can help us move forward and learn from our mistakes. An expert shares tips for coping with any regrets you have.

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Here’s Where Jealousy Comes From (and 3 Ways To Tame It)

Worried that jealousy is starting to affect your relationships? While it’s a normal emotion we all experience at times, feelings of jealousy can, in some cases, cause harm in your relationships and to your self-esteem. A psychologist shares how you can recognize unhealthy jealousy and ways to tame or address it.

two people standing back to back with arms crossed
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Self-Care Tips for Caregivers: Your Health Matters, Too

Self-care is important for everyone, but it’s especially critical for caregivers, who don’t always carve out space to tend to their own needs. A social worker shares tips for caring for your own well-being while dealing with the inherent stress of caregiving.

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