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person with burgers and fries on plates over their lap
October 15, 2023/Nutrition

13 Reasons Why People Overeat

Being bored, not getting enough sleep and waiting too long to eat can all contribute

person lying on couch with headphones and reading a book alone
October 2, 2023/Mental Health

What Is JOMO? How To Enjoy Missing Out

This state of mind is all about focusing on what you love and enjoy (minus the FOMO)

Someone comforting a depressed person
September 20, 2023/Mental Health

What Does Depression Feel Like?

More than just ‘deep sadness,’ this complex condition is often a whole-body experience

Man and woman embracing
August 31, 2023/Men's Health

16 Common Questions About Erectile Dysfunction Answered

If you’re having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, you’re not alone — and there’s help 


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Person recording breakfast details on smartphone for food journal.
August 30, 2023/Wellness

Food Journaling 101

Keeping a food journal can help with more than just losing weight

Stressed fans eat pizza while watching game.
August 28, 2023/Diet, Food & Fitness

Food Fumble: Why We Stress Eat After a Sports Loss

Emotions can power food choices when your favorite team falls short

person balancing on a smiley face while juggling other emotions
August 20, 2023/Mental Health

Emotions: How To Express What You Feel

Enjoyment, sadness, disgust, fear and anger are just the beginning of your emotions

Two people talk in a business environment with a landscape window in background.
August 15, 2023/Mental Health

How To Become More Assertive

Follow the ’problem, feeling, ask‘ technique to communicate clearly and effectively

person standing in front of the other
April 16, 2023/Mental Health

How To Deal With Regrets

Wishing you made a different decision can help you learn from your mistakes

two people standing back to back with arms crossed
April 2, 2023/Mental Health

Here’s Where Jealousy Comes From (and 3 Ways To Tame It)

It’s a feeling we all have, but it’s important not to let it take over your relationships

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