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female doing a push up while looking at laptop
February 20, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Here’s How To Do a Good, Basic Push-up

The exercise — which you’ve probably been doing since grade school — can be intimidating, but proper form can help

Close up of hands holding heart rate wearable watch monitor and their phone
February 12, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Next Time You Exercise, Consider Wearing a Heart Rate Monitor

This technology can benefit your workouts by helping you hit your target heart rate, resulting in better overall health and wellness

group of people doing an aerobics class
January 26, 2024/Digestive

How Exercise Can Lead to a Healthy Gut

You don’t need a strenuous or expensive fitness routine to keep your digestive tract in shape

two people standing at standing work desks
January 25, 2024/Cancer Care & Prevention

Can Sitting Too Much Increase Your Cancer Risk?

Studies show the high health cost of spending hours in a chair


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person doing stair lunges at home
January 25, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Workout Motivation: Do’s and Don’ts To Help You Actually Stick to Your New Exercise Routine

Expect a few bumps in the road, work out for the right reasons and give yourself some credit

Person eating healthy bowl of noodles with fitness items floating around head
January 17, 2024/Weight Loss

How To Shed 10 Pounds — For Good!

Actively choose healthy habits not only when it comes to food and nutrition, but also physical activity and your mental health

Older male in helmet biking on forest trails
January 17, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

What Does ‘Moderate-Intensity Exercise’ Mean Anyway?

From gardening to walking for 30 or more minutes, you want to get your heart rate up 50% to 60%

Person jumping rope on a bridge
January 16, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Hop to It: 6 Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jump into the swing of things to improve your coordination, burn calories and get your heart rate going

rucksack with weights next to it on pavement
January 7, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Should You Add Rucking to Your Workout?

Walking with a weighted backpack is a low-impact, full-body workout that’s growing in popularity

male in a yoga pose in living room
January 1, 2024/Exercise & Fitness

Yoga vs. Pilates: The Differences Between Two Great Exercises

Both practices are worth exploring and offer amazing health benefits

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