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woman suffering from dizziness
July 12, 2022/Heart Health

Can High Blood Pressure Make You Feel Dizzy?

Dizziness typically falls into two categories

A dizzy person sits up in bed and braces their head for relief.
June 7, 2022/Primary Care

6 Reasons Why You Wake Up Dizzy

Mornings can be hard enough without feeling dizzy, too

Two people help a third person who is feeling dizzy
April 24, 2022/Allergies

Can Allergies Make You Dizzy?

An allergist explains this uncommon but unsettling symptom

dizzy woman
December 13, 2021/Brain & Nervous System

Why Loose Ear Crystals Make You Dizzy and How To Fix Them

You may feel dizzy, or just lightheaded and unsteady


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A person catching another person having a fainting spell.
October 7, 2020/Brain & Nervous System

What Exactly Is a Fainting Spell and When Should You Worry?

Most cases are harmless but acting fast could save a life

Pregnant woman suffering from a dizzy spell
November 26, 2019/Ear, Nose & Throat

Why Do Pregnant People Get Vertigo?

The short answer from a balance disorders specialist

Illustration of woman suffering from vertigo
November 20, 2019/Ear, Nose & Throat

Are Vertigo and Dizziness the Same Thing?

Whether you’re feeling unsteady or like you’re spinning – get it checked out

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