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Older couple standing in kitchen taking vitamins
February 26, 2024/Nutrition

Do Men and Women Really Have Different Nutrition Needs?

When it comes to getting proper nutrition, your assigned sex can play a role — but there’s more to it than that

assorted foods containing vitamin B
January 7, 2024/Nutrition

A Close Look at Each of the B Vitamins: Benefits, Food Sources and More

B vitamins do a lot for your body, like activate enzymes that give you energy, create blood cells and prevent DNA damage

close up of green coffee beans
December 14, 2023/Nutrition

Should You Go Green? What To Know About Green Coffee Bean Extract

There’s no evidence to prove this supplement can help with weight loss, and it may come with risks

Oranges in bowl and tofu meal in bowl
December 7, 2023/Nutrition

Should You Take Iron With Vitamin C?

This pairing has long been thought to help your body better absorb iron


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foods with high levels of iodine
September 6, 2023/Nutrition

5 Health Benefits of Iodine

Pass the (iodized) salt to support your thyroid, disinfect a wound and more

foods enriched with vitamin b12
August 20, 2023/Nutrition

4 Health Benefits of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

This vitamin helps access energy, prevent migraines and anemia, and protect your vision

Chromium food sources including liver, chicken, eggs, potatoes, shrimp, cucumbers lentil beans and cereal, to name some.
August 13, 2023/Nutrition

Skip the Supplement: You Don’t Need More Chromium

The benefits (if any) of chromium supplements are still being studied

bowl and scoop of uncooked hemp seeds
July 26, 2023/Nutrition

5 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Try this slightly sweet seed for hunger-fighting protein and disease-fighting fatty acids

A cup of frothy green tea in foreground and powdered matcha in background.
July 18, 2023/Wellness

Here’s What You Need To Know About L-Theanine

Timing and pairing are important to reap the possible benefits of this amino acid

person holding 2 containers of collagen
May 30, 2023/Skin Care & Beauty

Collagen Won’t Hurt Hair Growth, But It Probably Won’t Help Either

Try limiting heat styling and eating a healthy diet instead

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