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woman stretching her leg

Dynamic Stretching: 6 Do’s and Don’ts

Tags: athletes, exercise, joints, sports injuries, stretching

Dynamic stretching is a type of stretching that offers a great way to warm up before exercise or sports. These stretches focus on actively moving your joints and muscles to accomplish the desired effect.

Blisters: How You Can Prevent and Treat Them

5 Ways to Avoid Blisters and the Best Way to Treat Them

Tags: athletes, exercise, feet, foot health, shoes

Take steps to prevent blisters by keeping your skin dry. Learn the safest ways to treat blisters, if you get them, to avoid infection.

Exercise More to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Exercise More to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Tags: breast cancer, exercise, menopause, postmenopausal, women's health

Three-hundred minutes of exercise per week to reduce body fat could decrease the risk of breast cancer for postmenopausal women, a new study finds.

If You’re Tackling Diabetes, Choose Your Plan Carefully

If You’re Tackling Diabetes, Choose Your Plan Carefully

Tags: diabetes, diet, exercise, Mediterranean diet, weight loss

If your doctor has told you that you’re at risk for diabetes you can tackle the threat on your own through a plan that combines weight loss and physical activity. All programs, however, are not created equal.

Couple Using Digital Tablet And Mobile Phone In Bed At Home

How Techy Tools Can Help You to Sleep Better

Tags: alcohol, caffeine, exercise, insomnia, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, sleep testing, sleepwalking

Sleep apps and online programs are becoming a popular way to combat sleep issues. Many find these techy tools can give you the feedback and instruction that can help you get back to sleep.

girl running on concrete

Best Steps for Getting Ready to Run a Road Race

Tags: dehydration, exercise, heat exhaustion, hydration, runner, running

Signed up to run a road race? Don't forget to plan. Hydration and increasing your running miles slowly during training can play key roles in your performance on race day

dairy products

3 Vital Ingredients to Keeping Your Bones Healthy

Tags: bone density, bone health, broken bone, calcium, exercise, health screenings, osteoporosis, vitamin D, vitamin d deficiency, vitamins and supplements

Although osteoporosis overwhelmingly affects women, it's not just a female problem. Osteoporosis affects more than half of U.S. adults, about a quarter of whom are men.

woman stretching legs holding on to tennis shoes

Try These 4 Dynamic Exercise Warm-Ups (Video)

Tags: exercise, fitness, runner, running, stretching, video, videos

Doing a functional warm-up instead of static stretching offers various benefits. Watch to learn how to do walking lunges, sumo squat side lifts, butt kicks and toy soldiers.

5 Tips to Prevent Exercise-Related Injury

Want to Start Exercising? These 5 Tips Can Help You Prevent Injury

Tags: exercise, heart disease, heat, ice, injury, prevention, running, sports injury

If you're in an exercise rut, remember it's not too late to start moving. Find five expert tips to getting started as well as insights about whether you're experiencing normal soreness or possible injury.

Walking During Long Runs Can Improve Your Fitness

How Walking During Long Runs Can Improve Your Fitness

Tags: exercise, heart health, marathon, running, walking

A recent study found that periodically walking during long runs doesn’t cost you any benefits to your heart health -- and may even save some wear and tear on your muscles. This is especially true for non-elite runners.