wrist with ace bandage

Ankle and Wrist Injuries: Facts and Best Fixes

Tags: fractures, joint pain, joints, physical therapy, sports injuries, sports injury, strains and sprains

Many of the outdoor activities we love pose a risk of wrist or ankle fractures. Find out how to tell a fracture from a sprain (hint: often only your doctor can) and what treatment to expect.

Water Therapy

Painful Joints? You Can Try a Treadmill in a Swimming Pool

Tags: arthritis, joints, swimming, water-based therapy

Aquatic therapy uses water's natural weightlessness to relieve stress on joints and provide a quicker, more painless rehabilitation. This can even involve riding a treadmill in a swimming pool.

Learn more about golf fitness and lessening the chances for injury. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Being ‘Golf Fit’ Will Increase Your Play Time (Infographic)

Tags: exercise, golf, infographic, joints, sports, sports injuries, stretching

Golfers love their sport, but poor golf mechanics and a lackluster warm up can keep you from the green. Health Hub talked to Cleveland Clinic senior physical therapist Jeff Sords, PT, a certified golf fitness instructor, to learn more about golf fitness and lessening the chances for injury.

bandage on knee replacement

Joint Replacements: An Answer to Aging Joints

Tags: arthritis, joint pain, joint replacement, joints

It's an exciting time to be a baby boomer. Arthritic joints no longer mean you have to stop being active. Today’s artificial joints are meeting and exceeding people’s expectations for a full return to regular activities.

older man laughing and playing tennis

3 Tips to Reduce Tennis Injuries

Tags: exercise, joints, strength training, tennis

Tennis requires you to twist, turn and run in multiple directions. It’s great for you, and if you take proper precautions, you can minimize your risk of tennis-related injuries. Here are three tips to keep you out on the court.

orthopaedic imaging of bone

Joint Agreement: Using Imaging for Custom Fit (Video)

Tags: hip, hip replacements, joints, knee replacement, musculoskeletal injuries, orthopaedic, shoulder

Orthopaedic sugeons are using dramatic advancements in imaging to customize joint repair and monitor patients after the operation.

man's hands with arthritis pain

The Weather and Arthritis: Does Rain Increase Pain?

Tags: arthritis, barometric pressure, joint pain, joints, orthopaedic, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatologic, rheumatologists, swelling

Before or after it rains, some people with arthritis experience aching joints. An expert explains why people may experience increased arthritis pain depending on the weather.

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Daily Digest: “Compassion Fatigue,” Strep Throat, Kidney Removal and More

Tags: aspirin, compassion fatigue, internal bleeding, joints, kidney removal, pediatric, skin infection, strep throat, sun, sun exposure

In our June 8, 2012 daily digest, read about "compassion fatigue," strep throat, skin infections, kidney removal, internal bleeding, nutrition and more.