Raw Oats

10 Ways to Build a Better Bowl of Oatmeal (Slideshow)

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Plain oats (though packed with cholesterol-lowering and blood-sugar steadying soluble fiber) can get a little dull. With these 10 tips from Cleveland Clinic dietitian Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD, you can mix and match enough healthful flavor combinations to power through your day.

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Quick and Easy Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love

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Give your kids the best start to their school day. Find healthy breakfast ideas that combine proteins and carbohydrates to keep them full longer.

Oatmeal Pecan Waffles

Recipe: Oatmeal Pecan Waffles or Pancakes

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Antioxidants in pecans may help promote heart health according to a study published in the January 2011 issue of The Journal of Nutrition.

Carrott Zucchini Muffins

Recipe: Morning Glory Chia Seed Muffins

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These muffins are mildly sweet, nutty and full of veggies and fiber. The cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, raisins and dates all make these muffins so delicious, you'll forget they're so good for you!

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5 Fun Breakfasts That Kids Can Make for Mom

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Let kids show mom how much they care on Mother’s Day. Turn them loose in the kitchen! With a little help from Dad, there are plenty of fun breakfast treats they can safely and easily make for Mom.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast: 5 Simple Tips to Start Smart (Slideshow)

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Find out what gives you lasting energy and what sends you spiraling into a sugar crash. And don't forget the coffee.

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Should You Believe the Coffee-Cancer Hype?

Tags: American Cancer Society, breakfast, coffee, coffee study, morning, oral cancer

An American Cancer Society study relating coffee drinking and its possible effects on oral cancer mortality gets the media, and coffee lovers, talking. But is it worth talking about?

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5 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power (Slideshow)

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Whether you're trying to keep yourself sharp for the day or fight off brain disease for life, the following tips can help.


How Many Egg Yolks Should You Eat?

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Eggs in moderation can be a great addition to breakfast. The number you should have, particularly the yolks, varies depending on heart disease and cholesterol risks. How many egg yolks should you have each week?

woman stretching at work

Two-minute Chair Yoga: Part 1 (Video)

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What kind of exercise can you do sitting in a chair at work?Try these simple stretches that can boost your flexibility and help you manage stress right now in less than two minutes.