Breakfast in bed

Breakfast: 5 Simple Tips to Start Smart (Slideshow)

Tags: blood sugar, breakfast, diet, eggs, healthy diet, morning, sugar, yogurt

Find out what gives you lasting energy and what sends you spiraling into a sugar crash. And don't forget the coffee.

cup of coffee

Should You Believe the Coffee-Cancer Hype?

Tags: American Cancer Society, breakfast, coffee, coffee study, morning, oral cancer

An American Cancer Society study relating coffee drinking and its possible effects on oral cancer mortality gets the media, and coffee lovers, talking. But is it worth talking about?

Woman with light bulb

5 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power (Slideshow)

Tags: Alzheimer's, brain health, breakfast, cognitive impairment, mental health, morning, stress

Whether you're trying to keep yourself sharp for the day or fight off brain disease for life, the following tips can help.


How Many Egg Yolks Should You Eat?

Tags: breakfast, cholesterol, eggs, health hub number, heart disease, morning

Eggs in moderation can be a great addition to breakfast. The number you should have, particularly the yolks, varies depending on heart disease and cholesterol risks. How many egg yolks should you have each week?

woman stretching at work

Two-minute Chair Yoga: Part 1 (Video)

Tags: morning, stress, yoga, yoga video series

What kind of exercise can you do sitting in a chair at work?Try these simple stretches that can boost your flexibility and help you manage stress right now in less than two minutes.

three sheep

Can’t Sleep? Count Blessings, Not Sheep (Video)

Tags: Insomnia, morning, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders

The simple act of writing down what you're grateful for before bed can lead to better sleep, nicer dreams and refreshing start to the next day.

rolled up yoga mat

Use Yoga to Wake Up (Video)

Tags: exercise, fitness, morning, yoga, yoga video series

Before you reach for that cup of coffee, yoga can get you going. Here are some easy, stimulating breath work and stretches to get you moving.

cracked raw egg

Eggs and Heart Disease Risk

Tags: breakfast, cholesterol, eggs, healthy diet, morning

Eggs in moderation are a great addition to breakfast. The number you should have, particularly the yolks, varies depending on heart disease and cholesterol risks. Find advice about this as well as cooking methods.

woman juicing oranges

Juicing: The Raw Truth

Tags: breakfast, diet, fruit, juicing, morning, vegetables, vitamins

There’s a lot of talk about the health benefits of juicing to help you get more fruits and vegetables in your diet. An expert comments.

clock inside pillows and sheets

Managing Insomnia for Those With Chronic Pain

Tags: alcohol, caffeine, CBT-I, chronic pain, Insomnia, morning, pain awareness month, pain management, sleep

Chronic pain sufferers often deal with insomnia. Experts find behavioral therapy to be the single most effective treatment. Learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.