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Varicose Veins: 7 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Nobody wants bulging, purple varicose veins on their legs or ankles. However, about half of adults have them, and they become more prevalent with age. What causes varicose veins and what can you do about them? Many people think they know, but James Bekeny, MD, a vascular surgeon at Cleveland Clinic, sets the record straight. … Read More

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Quiz: Test Your Common Sense About the Common Cold

The average American adult will catch two to three colds this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There’s a reason we call it the “common cold.” Aside from the need to wash your hands — which really is your No. 1 prevention tip — how much do you know about this sneeze- … Read More

Busting 5 Myths About Your Diet and Arthritis

When you experience the chronic pain of arthritis, you want answers. You’ll take any advice you can get to find relief from flare-ups. I understand that, of course. But unfortunately, there is no shortage of bad advice out there — especially when it comes to diet. Myths are abundant and persistent, traveling by word of … Read More

8 Myths About Your Back — Busted

Misinformation abounds about back problems. How many times have you heard that exercise can hurt your back? Or that if you consult a spine surgeon about pain, you’re sure to wind up in surgery? Back pain is a problem that is fairly common — as are the myths on the subject. If you have back pain, … Read More

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Doctors Bust Your Most Common Robotic Surgery Myths

When patients hear they should have robotic surgery for urological or colorectal problems, some experience a fear of machines, others mistakenly think nothing can go wrong, and a few even believe — perhaps based on watching a few too many episodes of “Dr. Who” — that the robot will be making moves on its own, outside … Read More

Swallowing Your Tongue and Other Epilepsy Myths

Some myths about epilepsy are centuries old, but they still persist. Imad Najm, MD, Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Epilepsy Center dispels 13 of the most common myths about epilepsy: Myth 1: If you’ve had a seizure, you have epilepsy Fact: A person is diagnosed with epilepsy when he or she has two or more unprovoked … Read More