deodorant with razor

Top Hygiene Tips for Your Tween

Tags: germs, growing pains of parenting, hygiene, parenting, puberty

What should you do when your fifth grader asks you if she can start wearing deodorant? Find out what Cleveland Clinic Children's experts recommend for both body odor and shaving in tweens.

Discover how we’re different — and not so different — from our friends with fins. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Do Your Kids Know Their Fish Facts? (Infographic)

Tags: bladder, bones, infographic, parenting, teeth

Discover how we’re different — and not so different — from our friends with fins in this infographic, created by Cleveland Clinic Children’s with help from the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.

back to school

The 4Bs of Back to School Success (Infographic)

Tags: back to school, breakfast, growing pains of parenting, infographic, parenting, sleep

Kicking off a new academic year can be stressful for both students and parents. Ease everyone back into the routine with these tips from our Cleveland Clinic Children’s expert

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5 Fun Breakfasts That Kids Can Make for Mom

Tags: breakfast, morning, Mother's Day, parenting, Recipes

Let kids show mom how much they care on Mother’s Day. Turn them loose in the kitchen! With a little help from Dad, there are plenty of fun breakfast treats they can safely and easily make for Mom.

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Active Gaming May Help Your Child Lose Weight

Tags: childhood obesity, electronics, obesity, overweight, parenting, video games

A recent study found that playing active video games, as part of a weight-management program, encourages overweight children to get more active and may help them to lose more weight.

teens on spring break

How to Better Handle Your Teen’s Spring Break

Tags: alcohol, drugs, growing pains of parenting, parenting, spring break

For parents of young adults, spring break can be a time of worrying about their children's safety. Here's advice for parents to ensure their teens make the right decisions during spring break vacation.

Stressed woman holding phone

Does Your Phone Come Between You and Your Kids?

Tags: electronics, growing pains of parenting, parenting, smartphones

A new study finds adults pay more attention to their smart phone than their children during outings. And adults tend to react harshly – and in some cases, physically – to the children who interrupt their screen time.

Mom talking to upset teen

Best Tips for Dealing With Your Stubborn Tween

Tags: growing pains of parenting, parenting, tweens

Your son or daughter is no longer a child, but not yet a teen. This transitional time can lead to stubbornness, drama and otherwise confusing conduct. Dr. Ellen Rome explains why tweens may exhibit these behaviors and offers practical solutions.

The CDC recommends that people age 6 months or older receive an annual flu vaccination. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Flu Shot for Babies, Boomers and Beyond (Infographic)

Tags: flu, flu season, growing pains of parenting, health hub number, healthhub number, parenting, vaccines

If you haven't gotten a flu shot, it's not too late. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), flu season typically peaks in January or February (though flu activity can last as long as late May).

little girl getting vaccine at doctor's office

New Flu Vaccines Available for Kids

Tags: flu, flu season, flu vaccine, parenting, vaccines

Pediatrician Emma Raizman, MD, talks about two new and improved flu vaccines, and why there’s no time like the present for the kids to get their shots (or sprays).